From development to operation

We invest in what matters most.

As a global renewable energy group, we work closely with our clients and partners to consistently invest in and develop high quality renewable energy assets. Since entering the market in 2013 we have been focusing on expansion in domestic and international locations to initiate the development and construction of solar parks.

We believe that solar PV is the most important renewable energy source and is the key to delivering sustainable investments that provide, promote and protect what matters most. The potential is great and investing in solar infrastructure is economically sound. We are proud to be a part of the international effort leading the way in the clean energy transition to shape the world for future generations and reduce our carbon footprint.

The WIRCON group has more than 60 employees at its German locations in Mannheim, Berlin and Saarbruecken as well as in Sydney, Australia.

WIRCON was founded in 2013, and due to economic difficulties in 2019, the Hopp family became the company’s sole shareholder. With a strong shareholder and a motivated team our recovery process was successful. Our current business strategy is developing forward-looking solutions, out of our headquarters which were relocated to Mannheim in 2020.

Today WIRCON is a stable and successfully acting company backed by its strong project pipeline, with our primary field of activity based across Europe. As a company located in the Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar we are also focusing on implementing projects in our home region and throughout Germany. Developing solar parks is more important than ever since the climate and energy crisis is continuing to surge. Solar parks are producing necessary renewable energy in the steps towards change. Together we are now traveling the journey towards a future-orientated energy supply and we enable a secure and sustainable future. Be part of it.

Clean, renewable and affordable solar power is becoming ever more important. Our solar parks are already taking on a pioneering function for a climate-neutral future.

Dr. Jörg Gerike


Fully integrated solutions

We combine our wealth of knowledge from over 960 MW of projects with our commitment to delivering excellence and certainty long-term across our comprehensive service offering. Our long-standing, experienced team works with a growth and entrepreneurial mindset, smoothly bringing together expertise across all industry components from consulting, early stage development, asset analysis, construction management, asset management and operational services.


Projects with a vision of future!

With a strategic view to the future, we realise our projects in a structured manner at selected locations, whilst working closely in coordination with all stakeholders. We are proud of our growing portfolio, which has seen us realise over 960 MW of installed capacity to date. Among our successful worldwide projects and the construction of several solar parks in Germany, we have led the installation of the world's largest TESLA electricity storage system, located in Gannawarra, Australia. In addition to this, in June 2020 we obtained the planning permission to move forward with the build of the largest solar project in England, “Cleve Hill”, and amongst Europe. The construction will commence in 2021 with an installed capacity that could provide enough affordable and clean electricity to power over 91,000 homes in the local area.

Current development projects




Solar energy is limitless

We are focusing on solid growth in Germany in addition to the international market we operate in. Our headquarters in Mannheim works in close cooperation with our subsidiaries based in the UK, USA and Australia.


Present Projects

Developed Solar Parks


Mannheim, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Manly, Australia
Houston, USA
Arundel, UK

Developed Solar Parks

Germany: 67 MWp
France: 42 MWp
Denmark: 61 MWp
Netherlands: 31 MWp
UK: 190 MWp
Australia: 470 MWp, 50 MWp Storage

Present Projects

Germany: 618 MWp
Netherlands: 34 MWp
Spain: 150 MWp
Italy: 100 MWp
Greece: 500 MWp
UK: 400 MWp
Australia: 400 MWp
USA: 220 MWp


Dr. Jörg Gerike
Managing Director

Steffen Steinel
Head of Project Development / Technical Director

Simon Schunter
Head of Project Controlling

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D-68163 Mannheim
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